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DRUG ALERT: Fake Xanax (Nitazenes and Novel Benzodiazepines) detected in South Australia
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Finding help for alcohol and other drug problems

Choosing a treatment service

There are various types of help available, depending on what’s happening for you and what you want to do about it. It is sometimes necessary to try different services to work out what’s best for you at the time.

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Treatment Options

There are a range of treatment options that may be needed at different times and sometimes a combination of treatments is required. You may need to try or explore a few options before you find one that suits your needs at that time.

What to do while waiting for a service

Sometimes these services have a waiting time before you can access them. There are still things that you can do while you are waiting.

Talk to someone

It can really help to talk to someone at this time.

Family, friends and other support people can call the Family Drug Support Line on 1300 368 186 (available 24/7) for advice and support.

Attend a support group

You could attend a support group like SMART Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, all of which have meeting locations across South Australia.

Support groups are also available for family, friends and other support people through Family Drug Support.

Get more information

There are a range of websites that provide great information including:

Sobering Up Services

Sobering up services provide a non-medical environment for someone to safely sober up. Most will offer a meal, a shower, and can link people into appropriate services if required. If you require a sobering up service, search the Service Directory.