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Finding help for alcohol and other drug problems

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MGPN Alcohol and Other Drugs Program provides free treatment, information and support to people in the Murraylands wanting to address their substance use.

A variety of interventions and services are available and tailored to the individual needs of the client.

  • Matrix Program - a intensive outpatient group program for people wanting to address their methamphetamine or opioid dependence
  • AOD counselling - to assist with setting goals and to understand the effects of using alcohol and other drugs as well as the impact on mental health
  • Psychoeducation - group and individual, to provide information around the effects of alcohol and other drugs and how to reduce or use safely
  • Individual Psychological Therapy - for people that have co-morbid mental health issues and are wanting to reduce their use and learn new strategies for coping with distressing thoughts
  • Art Therapy - individual and group programs
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy group program - to assist in learning new ways of dealing with distress
  • Trauma Focused Yoga - Group program
  • Social Support - practical assistance to help clients re-engage with supports and services post recovery
  • Family Therapy - to assist in rebuilding relationships that may have been lost whilst under the influence of substances
  • Clean Needle Program service

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