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Finding help for alcohol and other drug problems

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An evidenced based community treatment program for significant substance users aged 18+. Significant substance use may include any methamphetamine or cocaine use, or combined with opioid use, for those undergoing drug replacement therapy with a medical practitioner. This program is abstinence oriented and requires intensive commitment for those people wishing to pursue intermediate and long term recovery. It is run by trained psychologists and components are co-facilitated by persons with significant lived experience. In the initial 16 weeks, clients attend seven group sessions structured over three days per week and encouraged to attend mutual support groups and individual treatment. During this time, clients are further provided with a minimum of three conjoint individual sessions for clients and family or friends supporting their recovery who are further encouraged to attend 8 family support sessions. This intensive period is followed by a weekly support group for an additional 36 weeks to support people into long term recovery. Contact with clients is maintained for an additional year to ensure support for clients in long-term recovery.

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