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DRUG ALERT: Fake Xanax (Nitazenes and Novel Benzodiazepines) detected in South Australia
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COVID-19. Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.

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Drinking more alcohol or using drugs to cope with stress and unpredictable changes in your life can result in harms and risks for you and others around you. Some examples may include:

  • Arguments about yours or someone else's smoking, drinking or drug use
  • Exposing others in the household, especially children to tobacco, alcohol and other drug use
  • Mixing alcohol and other drugs together
  • Drink and/or drug driving
  • Withdrawal, if you stop using alcohol or other drugs

Coping with stress and staying healthy

It’s important to have healthy ways to cope with stress. Here are a few ways that you can de-stress and stay healthy:

  • Stay connected to others – social belonging is a basic human need and positive social connections can help you cope better with stress. Find some ways you can stay connected with others.
  • Try to maintain a good diet and eat healthy food.
  • Regular exercise is a great way to stay fit and healthy and to reduce stress levels. You can exercise outside on your own or with family or members of your household. Contact your local gym to find out when it will reopen and access information about restrictions on outdoor exercise classes and gyms on the Government of South Australia Recovery from COVID-19 web page.
  • While it’s important to stay up to date with the latest COVID-related health information, you may want to limit your exposure to other information such as news or social media stories that you find upsetting.
  • Get help if you feel stressed and overwhelmed – you can look up a range of free telephone and online support services.
  • If you are particularly worried about your alcohol and other drug use, you can contact the Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) on 1300 13 1340 (8:30am-10:00pm everyday). ADIS is a confidential telephone counselling, information and referral service for the general public, including concerned family and friends.
  • Find more information about looking after yourself and your family on the Wellbeing SA Open Your World website.

Visit Know Your Options to find out about the range of alcohol and other drug services available in South Australia.