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DRUG ALERT: Fake Xanax (Nitazenes and Novel Benzodiazepines) detected in South Australia
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Signs to look for

Physical health

They are often feeling sick, low on energy, not looking after themselves, their appearance is changing for example gaining or losing weight, they are not exercising as much as they used to, not sleeping, not eating, they are more accident prone, and they are tired all the time.

Mental health

They are often anxious or depressed, paranoid, isolated, feeling guilty, secretive or obviously lying. You notice changes in their personality, they seem more lethargic or more aggressive, they are experiencing mood swings.


They have been missing days at work or study, they are struggling to keep up, their grades have dropped, they are lacking motivation, you are worried they might lose their job or fail at their studies.


They are in debt, they aren’t paying their bills, there is unexplained spending, they have been borrowing money and not paying it back, there are times they can’t afford to pay rent or groceries, valuables have gone missing.


They seem to be hiding things and being secretive, they have been withdrawing from their social life and they have been partying a lot, you are fighting a lot with them and are worried.


They have lost their license, they have had to go to court, they have fines building up, they have been stealing, I’m worried they will get caught sooner or later, I’m worried they will lose their kids.