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Finding help for alcohol and other drug problems

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Our questionnaire may help you to think about how your alcohol or other drug use is affecting your life.

Your alcohol or other drug use can affect you in many ways.

Do any of the following apply to you:

Physical health

I often feel sick or hungover, I’m low on energy, I’m not looking after myself, I’m not exercising as much as I used to, I’m not sleeping, I’m not eating, I’m feeling run down. I’ve injured myself while drunk. I’m waking up with bruises and I can’t remember how I got them.

Mental health

I’m having trouble concentrating, I’m feeling anxious about my use, I can’t sleep, I’m feeling isolated, I feel guilty, I feel like people are checking up on me, I’m worried it’s getting out of control. I am self-medicating to help cope with my feelings of depression or anxiety. Could I have an underlying mental illness that’s triggering my use? Am I using too much?


I’ve been missing days at work or study, I think other people might know something’s up, I’m struggling to keep up, I’m worried I might lose my job or fail in my studies.


I’m in debt, I can’t keep up with my bills, I’m borrowing money and not paying it back, there are times I can’t afford to pay rent or groceries, and I’m spending way too much on alcohol or other drugs.


I feel guilty because I’m trying to hide it, my partner is on my back, I’m lying to my friends and loved ones and to myself, we are fighting a lot, I’m worried that my kids are suffering, my family and friends are worried about me, and I feel like people are giving up on me. I am engaging in risky sexual behaviour.


I’ve lost my license, I’ve got to go to court, I’ve got fines building up, I’m stealing, and I know I will get caught sooner or later. I’m worried I might lose my kids.

There is a range of harms from alcohol and other drug use.