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Finding help for alcohol and other drug problems

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Drug treatment: What works?

Evidence-based practice, which involves making treatment decisions based on current best evidence, takes into account patient characteristics, situations and preferences. Treatments should produce favourable outcomes under usual or everyday conditions. In the field of alcohol and other drugs, favourable outcomes reflect a balance in risks and benefits for individuals and the community. Below are the different types of treatment, and the context for their use, drawing on available research evidence.

There is a range of fact sheets and other clinical information which can assist health professionals in the treatment of alcohol and other drug related presentations in a general practice setting.

More information about the medication assisted treatment for opiod (MATOD) GP Program please visit the SA Health website.

Would you like to speak to someone now?

The Drug and Alcohol Clinical Advisory Service (DACAS) provides a telephone and email service for South Australian health professionals seeking clinical information and clarification around clinical procedures, guidelines and evidence-based practice. This service does not provide proxy medical cover and cannot assume responsibility for direct patient care. Telephone (08) 7087 1742 - 24 hours 7 days/week including public holidays or email your enquiry to:

You can direct your clients to call the Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) on 1300 13 1340 (8:30am-10pm, 7 days/week) for information, counselling and referral.